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Mommies & Daddies at the park

Mommies & Daddies at the park is a sitcom format created by Verbillion 

team in 2014.

The first production appears on Nova Pay TV of Greece & Cyprus in 2019 which consists of 20 episodes.

First season has 10 episodes entitled " Mommies on the bench" and 10 episodes entitled " Daddies on the bench" competed in July 2019.

Daddies at the park flyer for Nova TV
Mommies at the park flyer for Nova Tv

Series writing by Manina Zouboulaki


Series Directed by Vassilis Tselemegos

Series music by Dna (Alexander Christaras & Michael Nivolianitis)

DOP by Dionysis Papalexatos

Daddies Series cast:

Gerasimos Gennatas 

Nikos Georgakis

Maximos Moumouris

Mommies Series cast:

Evgenia Dimitropoulou 

Sofia Vogiatzaki

Xrysa Klouva

Full Cast



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